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What's on offer


Find a KiwiSaver fund that suits you best, or see how your current one stacks up.

Compare KiwiSaver funds

Managed funds

Investing beyond KiwiSaver? Find funds that will get you to your goals.

Compare managed funds


Looking for investments that generate income? Find fixed-interest options here.

Compare bonds

and other debt securities


Investing for growth? Explore these equity offers and pick shares directly.

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and other equity securities

Looking for other kinds of investments?

Sorted Smart Investor covers New Zealand-regulated investment offers: KiwiSaver and other managed funds, bonds and other debt securities, and shares and other equities. It also includes other managed investments that do not fit those categories, which are here.

Other kinds of investments, although they may be regulated, are not included, unless they are within the mix held by a managed fund (which can hold property, for instance). You won't find the following:

  • Superannuation and workplace savings schemes
  • Cash or term deposits
  • Some shares or bonds that were previously listed, and some not listed
  • Property or property syndicates
  • Derivatives
  • Overseas-regulated investments
  • Privately held businesses or startups
  • Gold or other commodities
  • Currencies or cryptocurrencies

Here's more on alternative investments.

Comparing different sorts of investments

Smart Investor is set up to compare "apples with apples" by grouping, for example, all KiwiSaver funds together (and even by the specific type of fund). Managed funds, shares, bonds – they are all in their own baskets.

That means you can't really compare "apples with pineapples" side by side, such as a share with a bond, for instance. However, you can learn how each of these kinds of investments work to compare them from more of a high-level view. Smart Investor allows you to see the varying degrees of risk each kind brings as you seek returns (the money you get back from investing). 

Here's where to find Smart Investor guides to start.